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Thanksgiving and Black Friday Friday

It was a very long weekend which caused my sleep pattern to go to hell! Thanksgiving was pretty good with the family. Went with my aunt, uncle and her kids to take pics at St. Francis retreat then came back home for dessert. Friday pulled my 5am to 5pm shift.... Best friend Gabe is finally back at work so it was back to the usual laughing and talking.... I totally ignored poor Christian but then Saturday I realized he was there. Best friend laughed saying hey I am back dont talk to that knock off friend anymore. Some good times were had with the best friend at work this weekend can't wait for the weekends again lol. Some of the co-workers told him to never leave again cause when he left I became mean and now that he's back I'm happy again lol.

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LA trip

Went to LA with girltype, along with Emily and my brother Andre for the weekend. Left home thursday round 3... The trip up was full of various music from Girls Aloud to One Direction and also Mumford... This queen was happy with all the Spice Girls and Girls Aloud songs played. Made it to the hotel or as V said the hostel around 8. Friday we went to the Alley in downtown LA. Found the fruit lady there and had an amazing cup of pineapple with chili and lemon then we explored the malls, a ghetto one in Burbank where half the stores were either closed. Left that mall and went to the amazing mall in Culver City. After we got stuck in traffic for a while until we met up with grandpa Castilleja and Tina, Seth, and the baby. Afterwords we ate Chik-Fil-A which was not that great... Went to Downtown Disney and I must admit it was very fun there... Kind of feeling a trip to actual Disneyland may be in the works... Lets see how I do there cause I am not a big fan of Disneyland.

Saturday we all slept in then woke up and went to Venice Beach... Like I said to the girls and my brother Venice Beach is exactly like the Haight District in San Francisco but with a beach across the street. Had Subway for lunch was a good lunch cause we got actual avocado's in our sandwiches and not that nasty paste they use up here at our Subway's. Saturday nite was the Mumford concert and we headed to Hollywood.
Hollywood is a nice place but definitely not for me. Too crazy and fast paced for me. We had dinner at a local sushi bar which had an amazing bento box. My cousin Daniel called my brother telling him he was on his way home from San Diego to visit the family... I wasnt up to explore Hollywood alone or leave the area to meet a former co-worker who lives there again she was at work in the Grove and she wanted me to meet her but I didnt want to risk getting lost. I ended up calling my cousin and I went home with him that nite. He met me around 6:30 in downtown Hollywood and we got home around 11:15.

Once again a big thank you to girltype and Emily and my brother Andre for a good trip.

Another year down...

Turned 29 Friday! Ugh almost 30 ridiculous! Had a great birthday lunch with my brother, and our 2 cousins and a friend of the family at Ninja Sushi. Amazing food and I got caught off guard by my cousin hitting me in the face with a slice of cake.... I deserved it he hasn't done that to me since I was 25 maybe. Had to work afterwords and the co-worker I had the hots for didn't work... Sad day until my co-workers sang happy birthday to me.

After work my brother and cousins took me to Denny's and the co-worker Gabe was there also. He works at Denny's as a 2nd job. He told me happy birthday and it made the day much better. Awkward moment was when we were explaining to my brother and cousins how were co-workers and he kept on massaging my back. The nite ended with a slice of brownie with vanilla ice cream thanks to the co-worker and the Denny's crew sang to me also.

Saturday my family made dinner and Monday the crew took me out to eat at Red Robin! Once again I want to thank my friends (the crew) and the family for a good birthday. Without you all where would I be?

i'm back

been on ONTD for the past couple weeks like old times... love it again! Made me think about resurfacing on LJ again....

Its been a long time moved to SF and lived there for a year but now i am back home....

help ONTD mods!!

anyone know the link to the list of the 99 hottest men of 2010? the actual list? Cause i found the old list from last year. there is a link it says but the libkdoesnt show the new list. i wanna see who made thisyears list

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i have moved....

my site! LOL Probly thought i finally did the move to San Francisco... I wish but i dont think that would happen! I post on tumblr all the time visit my page there tumblr

Visit me there!

end of july post

my one post for the month i guess... LOL i miss june my birthday week which was sooo long next year i want a 2 week birthday. And more trips to the Giants games and also to San Francisco. I'm going tomorro and possibly sunday. I tried TK noodle last week in gilroy with girltype... Greasy ass hell the food was and we both got sick... TK noodle was fail never ever again!

Jul. 1st, 2009

Where has time gone? Anyways neveer on here anymore.... always posting on my new tumblr account kinda the same as here but fun! Been watching some Michael Jackson videos on youtube... its hitting me now he is gone... his music was a part of my childhood and the music videos i been seen remind me of the good times when i was a kid before i grew up. RIP MJ

Might be going to San Francisco friday with my little brother... then sunday to help cousin Robert move into an apartment with a cousin from his dads side. Also on tuesday if i get the day off switch with someone so i can go with my grama, her sisters, my cousin Genaya and our cousins from Chicago. I would also love to go wednesday for the Giants day game but who knows!

Thanks friends and family for birthday wishes. V thanks so much for the music and also the 2 trades... i loved the Spider Man trade... awesome... u know what it brought back memories of remember Maximum Carnage my cousin has those issues found them while we were packing his stuff read em so good! Rudy Vanessa and Em thanks for going to the sushi bar with me we gotta take my brother next time fo sho!

finally saw

Star Trek such a good movie! Man i should have gone to the midnite showing... Kirk and Bones were awesome. Forget stupid Syler playing Spock.... sorry i am a Spock hater... What the hell was up with Uhura she should have been with Kirk or Bones.... Freakin John Cho was a bad ass in the little fight scene he had! I laughed when i first saw him then when he kicked butt i was like oh crap he can be serious! I loved it cant wait for a part 2!

**EDIT** I totlly forgot the point of posting it was about going back to work.... but oh well how can i remember my day at work after watching the Kirk and Bones epicness! LOL

For girltype

I like how you posted the pic of the trades you got.... So....

These are the TPB's i love to read that i bought... i gotta go on ebay to find some like you i bought a couple online for good prices most were bought @ the stores.... I got those 2 X-Crossover books and the original TPB's of Excalibur and New Mutants... If you wanna borrow and read feel free! Can you tell i am an X-Men fan? LOL

Then there are these 5 i got that are so-so.... I got if you want any of these ones feel free to take em! The 2 New X books with Cyclops and Jean are during the run where Scott falls for Emma so if you havent read these or dont have em.... you can take them and enjoy the Scott/Emma lovin!

**EDIT** Just bought New Mutants Classics 4 and Phoenix Warsong online... 2 bucks for Warsong and 13 bucks for NMC4


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